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Our business was founded in 1986 by Jerry Dove Jr., in the back of a garage. Jerry at the time was working as a machinist and was shooting competitively, but only built guns as a hobby. Jerry quickly realized that firearms were his true passion and left his job to pursue a career in the firearms and shooting industry, taking with him his extensive knowledge as a machinist. Jerry opened Dove's Custom Handguns and for the first ten years worked mainly on handguns, specifically 1911's for competitive use. As his business began to take off, it was clear that Dove's Custom Handguns had the potential to grow into something much more. So in 1997, we constructed a 3,000 square ft. building and re-named the business, Dove's Custom Guns, LLC. As business grew and the custom firearm market started to develop into what it is today, it was clear that our business needed a more substantial building to house a full machine shop dedicated solely to custom gunsmithing. So in 2004 we moved to our current location, a 5,000 square ft. building, capable of allowing us to meet all of our customers' needs.

"Only by competing with firearms I have worked on and built myself, can I begin to understand what it takes to build top quality firearms for my customers." -Jerry W. Dove Jr.
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​Owner and gunsmith, Jerry W. Dove Jr. has shot competitively for close to 30 years and competed in almost all areas of competitive shooting such as; S.A.S.S., USPSA, IPSC, PPC, 3 Gun, NRA Action Pistol, and NRA Bullseye. 

Some of Jerry's most notable achievements and qualifications include:

-Kentucky State SASS Overall Winner 2001
-WV SASS Blk. Powder Champion 2008, '09, '10
-Virginia State SASS Overall Winner 2003
-West Virginia Gov. Top 10 PPC, 1986, '87, '88
-West Virginia PPC State Champion 1995
-Classified as Master USPSA Shooter
-Classified as Master PPC Competitor